A Maker’s Space

Creation is something I have long obsessed over. I have fallin in love with it, betrayed it, and returned with my heart bleeding. I have given it water, breath,  yoga pants and kale. No matter how far I stray, it stalks me in the night and wears me down until I feel so tight in my throat that I cry listening to Katy Perry’s Roar. I live with 4 warm bodies that ask for food, affection, time and patience. Naturally I fail at this constantly, but I have noticed over the years that my successes are in direct correlation with the space I allow for my creativity to flow. Welcome to my space.

An incredible memory. Especially regarding grudges.

Likes to avoid change because routine is awesome, and also it’s emotionally exhausting.

For sure, floating device, workout, money situation and right now are replacments for definitely, bouy, excerise, financial and immediately – all words that I clearly cannot spell.